a tool kit of sleights that allow you to magically TRANSFORM a card into a coin and back! It looks great with our Jokers and Grinder coins thanks to their unique design compatibility.

We'll not only teach you the main sleights and moves you need to accomplish these effects, but most importantly, the transitional and clean up techniques you will need to get you in and out of each routine seamlessly. Create your own magical routine using the elements you will learn in Alchemy. All the various moves, transitions and clean up techniques taught in this tutorial can also be performed with any card and coin and applied in other areas of your magic.

- 8 transformations  - 3 sequences  - Transitional techniques  - Clean up variations  - Additional ideas  - Detailed instruction  - Multiple angles for clarity of learning  - 37 minutes


Credits: J.B. Bobo, Geoffrey Latta, Jim Steranko, Ed Marlo, Lennard Green