a brand new set of sleight combinations combining any of our decks & grinders coins.

Based around the same concept as Grindout, the Blinds Collection this time sees the coin being extracted from the card from the reverse side. This allows for some striking magical moments and Luiz applies some of his original sleights such as the 'Bullet Move' and the 'Edgy Pass' to devastating effect. Luiz teaches 3 methods for removing the coin from the card and goes over numerous ways of putting the coin back on, all within the 'Blindside' of the card concept. We are continuously experimenting and coming up with various ways of combining Mechanic props and this is a welcome addition to the Workshop.

- Detailed instruction  - Multiple versions taught  - Original & classic sleights  - Clean up techniques  - 17.30 minutes 


Credits: Michael Ammar, Rick anderson, Harry Loraine, Masao Atsukawa, Jimmy Wilson