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3 magical COIN & SHARPIE routines 

New from the creative mind of Luiz Castro. Caption is a collection of 3 magical routines that see's a coin vanish and impossibly re-appear from inside the lid of your sharpie.

Previously, we have already shown you a cool routine using a coin and sharpie here. This is the typical routine you will see most magicians do with these props. Luiz has taken a completely new approach to this plot using custom sleights and original routine structures. In this download you will learn 2 of Luiz's prized sleights, the Speed Vanish and Edgy Pass. He also teaches a few other sleights and handling's that serves as a master class in modern coin magic. 

Credits & Acknowledgements:
Curtis Kam, Kainoa Harbottle, Masao Atsukawa, Richard Anderson, Michael Ammar, Fred Baumann, David Roth

Download contents:

  • 2 original coin sleights
  • 6 sleights taught
  • 3 highly creative routines
  • Bonus ideas
  • Detailed instruction
  • 15 minutes

Price: £4.50 ($7.00 approx)




"Caption is not only visual coin magic at its best, it has a lot of potential uses. Master the moves, and you’ll have a series of techniques you can apply any time you wish."

Kainoa Harbottle
Expert Conjuror


"I really like your thinking! Speedy fooled the hell out of me when I first saw it and I was familiar with it from the Goldfinger book… Joe Rindfleisch is the only other person that has visual coin in pen work and your stuff is right up there with his... your work would fit great into any coin in pen cap routine or even in routines like Impromptu Hitman or Recapped style routines. I thought your teaching was clear. It seemed like you took plenty of time to teach the work, which seems like a rarity these days in downloads… Overall, I'm really impressed and plan to work on adding some of your work into my routines."

Bill Cintino
Expert Coin Magician