New from the creative mind of Luiz Castro. Caption is a collection of 3 magical routines that see's a coin vanish and impossibly re-appear from inside the lid of your sharpie.

Previously, we have already shown you a cool routine using a coin and sharpie here. This is the typical routine you will see most magicians do with these props. Luiz has taken a completely new approach to this plot using custom sleights and original routine structures. In this download you will learn 2 of Luiz's prized sleights, the Speed Vanish and Edgy Pass. He also teaches a few other sleights and handling's that serves as a master class in modern coin magic. 

- 2 original coin sleights - 6 sleights taught - 3 highly creative routines - Bonus ideas - Detailed instruction - 15 minutes


Credits: Curtis Kam, Kainoa Harbottle, Masao Atsukawa, Richard Anderson, Michael Ammar, Fred Baumann, David Roth