Grinder Coins For Magic

Coins for magicians

Mechanic Industries Grinder Coins have set the benchmark for custom coins. Specifically designed for use in sleight of hand coin magic routines, these coins are finished to the highest quality and specifications.Their compatibility to be used along side other Mechanic Industries products allows you to create awesome magic tricks using various props at the same time. Used by magicians world wide they have fast become the coin of choice for hobbyist and professionals alike.

  • Half & Full Dollar sizes
  • Antique bronze & gun-metal grey
  • Slide and stack perfectly
  • Precision Milling
  • Low 'talk' noise
  • Compliments your other Mechanic Gear

A new standard in custom coins for hobbyist and working magicians
Grinders fit seamlessly with the rest of your Mechanic tools

Engineered for use in sleight of hand coin magic, every detail has been carefully considered. The diameter, thickness & weight are perfect for coin magic. The milled edge enhances grip for great handling, making your sleights easier and more efficient. The finishes have been carefully selected to ensure the coins would slide effortlessly over each other while keeping the 'chatter' down to a bare minimum.

Grinder Coins by Mechanic Industries

Available in 2 colours & 2 sizes!

Grinder coins are available in magicians favourite half and full dollar sizes. They also come in two great finishes, Antique Bronze and Gun Metal Grey. This opens the door to really cool colour and size changing effects. Or, just use your favourite size and colour singularly... it's up to you!

Grinder Coins 2 Sizes 2 Colours

High Production Value

Grinder Coins are fast becoming the preferred choice for many top working magicians. The edges have great grip due to the precision milling, making moves such as classic palms a breeze! These coins are designed to age, giving a rough and grimy look perfectly suited to the Mechanic brand.

Watch the Grinder Coins in action!

Work in harmony with the rest of your gear

Grinder Coins fit in with your other Mechanic gear not just from a visual standpoint, but can be combined with other Mechanic Industries products to create impossible miracles! You can use Grinder coins with the Jokers from The Mechanic Deck to devastating effect. There are many ways you can link these two products and we will show you a few to get your creative mind started.