Grindout uses the Joker and blank card that come with The Mechanic Deck as well as a full dollar Grinder Coin.

This effect was created long before the deck artwork got anywhere near the printing press. The Jokers were illustrated to match the Grinder coins, and utilising the blank card you get with the deck, allows you to perform this visual miracle and many others! Grindout uses just a few basic sleights, you will be performing this immediately! In both versions you can fairly show the spectator the blank card and coin, as well as hand the deck out for inspection. You end very clean ready to go into your next effect. The first phase also makes for a great transition from your card to your coin routine. 

- 2 routines taught  - Uses basic sleights  - Bonus ideas  - Streams via Vimeo  - 5:40 mins of instruction  - FREE!

Credits: Ed Marlo, TG Murphy, Lee Asher