MACAANIC Tutorial - PART 2

Macaanic Tutorial

We all the love the flip-book animation of The Mechanic Deck, but it's not just there for good looks. Within the animation sequence is a hidden marking system. Once you learn how to read this you can streamline your routines, make them easier to perform and even more impossible in your spectators eyes! 

We have chosen to share our take on ACAAN as it's a nice introduction to the marking system and demonstrates how versatile Mechanic deck can be, as well as very casual, easy to do and in an unsuspecting way. It can be tailored to suit your personal style and there's a version for every performing environment whether walk around or at the card table. 

A good knowledge of card magic & gambling sleights is required. The routines taught in this download use classic moves you should all be familiar with, so you'll be performing these effects in no time.

Acknowledgments & Credits:
David Berglas, Allan Ackerman, JK Hartman, Simon Aronson, Barrie Richardson, Dan Macmillan 

Tutorial contents:

  • How to use the marking system
  • 3 versions taught
  • Uses classic sleights
  • Marking system hints & tips
  • 08:58 mins of instruction
  • Streams via Vimeo

Price: FREE!

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