One of our favourite things you can do with any of the Mechanic Decks and our full dollar Grinder Coins in a trick we like to call 'Muck Off'. It's kind of like 'Grindout' but more fun, and a little dirtier!

As the title suggests it uses the art of hand mucking to create a highly visual piece of magic. Hand mucking in general is a very difficult technique, but we are going to show you a method that make this difficult move almost self working, well, a lot easier than the traditional technique!

Mucking is rarely used in magic routines for a variety of reasons, the awkwardness of gamblers flat palm, getting into the correct grip and getting in and out cleanly. We've come up with a couple of things to combat these problems that allow you to use this most awesome of moves in your magic routines.

- 2 mucking routines taught  - Alternate variations  - Detailed instruction  - Patter & presentation ideas  - Bonus tips  - Multiple angles for clarity of learning  - 21 minutes


Credits: George Joseph, Ross Bertram, Lee Asher, Dan McMillan, Father Alex