One of our favourite things you can do with any of the Mechanic Decks and our Grinder Coins in a trick we like to call 'Muck Off'. It's kind of like 'Grindout' but more fun, and a little dirtier!

As the title suggests it uses the art of hand mucking to create a highly visual piece of magic.

Gambling style sleight of hand technique mixed with the cross compatibility of our cards and coins, Muck Off takes this concept back to the card table in style. Mucking does require practise, but In this video we will show you a few techniques that make this difficult move easier. If you already know basic mucking technique you should be able to do this right away.

- 2 mucking routines taught  - Alternate variations  - Detailed instruction  - Patter & presentation ideas  - Bonus tips  - Multiple angles for clarity of learning  - 21 minutes


Credits: George Joseph, Ross Bertram, Lee Asher, Dan McMillan, Father Alex