Optricks Deck - Illusion Backs

The new Optricks deck has been stripped of all embellishments and showcases what 'less is more' really means. Composed of simple black and white lines structured in a geometric retro style pattern. Just looking at a card starts causing mayhem for your eyes!

Riffle through the cards to really make the magic happen. Fitted out with a hypnotising and mesmerising flip-book animation that will both enhance and give narrative to your magic performances.


Mechanic Deck VR2

Fresh new design, updated animation and improved marking system make this the best Mechanic deck yet.

Ignition Key-Ring

Kick start your creativity with the new key-ring system. Create stunning visual magic with an everyday item.

Grinder Coins

Grinder coins have awesome grip thanks to their precision milling and are fast becoming the magicians coin of choice.