Sharpie Magic

a handy little tool

This handy little pen comes in very useful during your magic routine. Most magicians will at some point have a card or coin signed to increase the impossibility of the trick they are performing. This genuine Sharpie pen has our Mechanic logo branded on the side, fitting in seamlessly with the rest of your set and giving you a professional look and coherence across all of your props. We include this branded sharpie as part of the Mechanic Deck set or Pro-Tool Kit.

  • Grey with Mechanic Logo
  • Black permanent ink
  • Useful in magic performances
  • Completes your Mechanic Set 

Useful for signed card and coin routines or as a magic prop on it's own

As well as being useful for signing cards, you can use our sharpie to create magic effects all on it's own. Use it as a magic wand for a striking vanish or vanish and re-appear it at will! Check out the Tool Kit Ideas video below to see it in action.