The Mechanic Deck

Animated playing cards

Someone who is skilled in gambling techniques is known as a mechanic – a person who can deal you a royal flush on a whim without breaking a sweat. A sleight of hand master who's techniques go unnoticed by his competition The Mechanic deck is a poker player’s dream. It has dark and gritty industrial artwork and is printed on high-quality Bee stock with Magic finish to withstand the abuse of a rough night of gambling. Featuring the ground breaking flip-book animation system, this deck doubles up as a marked deck and is the first of it's kind.

  • Ground breaking animation system
  • Use as a marked deck
  • Premium Bee Stock with magicians Finish 
  • Blank facer included

The Mechanic Deck features a ground breaking animation system
Not just a pretty face, it doubles up as a marked deck!

The Mechanic deck uses classic Bicycle faces with a new colour scheme. The Hearts and Diamonds are a deep, dark red and all of the suits have a textured look. The court cards have a customized colour scheme to fit in with the industrial mood of the deck. The deck has a custom designed Ace of Spades, and there is a reveal built into one of the Jokers. A blank-faced card is also included - which can be used as a cut card during a game or for magic purposes.

The Mechanic Deck  - Flip Book Animation

Flip-book Animation

The Mechanic deck has an animated back design. When arranged in numerical order and riffled like a flip-book the gears and chains will come to life! Even fully shuffled the animation still looks great! Because of the repeating 13 different back designs, you can also identify the values of cards at a glance, making this an incredibly affordable and easy to use marked deck! Use The Mechanic Deck to divine your spectators card in a split second and use as the basis of many powerful routines. 

The Mechanic Deck - Marked Playing Cards

Doubles up as a marked deck

Due to the craftiness of our engineers and sticking true to our name, the deck does indeed double up as a marked deck. A very easy to use marking system at that. Using a 13 repeating back system you can learn to read the backs easily identifying the value of any card in the deck based on the cog rotation at a mere glance!

If you’re into card magic and you want to know how to use the deck in your routines then please visit our Workshop.

Watch the Mechanic Deck in action!

Tricks you can do with the mechanic Deck