Mechanic Workshop Magic Tutorials

Welcome to Mechanic INdustries tutorials. Here you can access our free & premium videos, helping you COMBINe your TOOLS to create stunning magic. 


Alchemy is a set of 8 transformations and 3 sequences. It's a tool kit of sleights and tricks that allows you to magically change a card into a coin and back! It looks great with our Jokers and Grinder coins thanks to their unique design compatibility, but can be accomplished with any card and coin.

Price: £4.50 ($7.00 approx)



New from the creative mind of Luiz Castro. Caption is a collection of 3 magical routines that see's a coin vanish and impossibly re-appear from inside the lid of your Sharpie.

Price: £4.50 ($7.00 approx)


Muck Off

One of our favourite things you can do with any of the Mechanic Decks and our full dollar Grinder Coins in a trick we like to call 'Muck Off', it's like Grindout but a little dirtier!

Price: £4.50 ($7.00 approx)


Use a Grinder coin and any of our decks to create this visual trick that makes the magic happen in your spectators hands.




A cleverly constructed new routine for your Ignition Key-ring system. Created and presented by Luiz Castro.




A powerful routine structure and key techniques for using the new gaff reveal from the Optricks Deck




Combines any of the Mechanic decks with our full dollar Grinder coin for a visual piece of magic...




A routine for your Igniton key-ring set, a brand new concept in magic, utilise your existing coins sleight for full effect...




Add narrative to this blank fan routine using the animation design of The Mechanic or Optricks Deck...




Using the marking system from The Mechanic or VR2 deck, as a base for a simple yet stunning ACAAN routine...



Tool-Kit Ideas

A medley of ideas to get your creative juices flowing, featuring the Mechanic Tool-Kit and a really cool pen & coin routine ...



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