Presenting download tutorials


We’ve been playing around with the Mechanic gear for a couple of years now, exploring different ways to combine the Mechanic decks, Grinder coins and other tools to perform visually stunning magic. We’re ready to share some of these ideas with you and will be releasing a series of download tutorials.  Find out full details on our news page as each one is released, or to receive our news direct into your inbox join our Workshop here!

To celebrate the release of the new Optricks deck we are creating downloads to help you get the most out of the deck and its new features. We will show you how to combine the jokers from the deck with our Grinder Coins for maximum visual impact as well as a new trick using the animated reveal.

Introducing Muck Off

But first we're going to share one of our favourite things you can do with any of the Mechanic Decks and our full dollar Grinder Coins in a trick we like to call 'Muck Off'. As the title suggests it uses the art of hand mucking to create a highly visual piece of magic. Hand mucking in general is a very difficult technique, but we are going to show you a couple of methods that make this difficult move almost self working, well, a lot easier than the traditional use of this technique!

Mucking is rarely used in magic routines for a variety of reasons, the awkwardness of gamblers flat palm - making it look natural as well as actually getting into the correct grip. We've come up with a couple of things to combat these problems that allow you to use this most awesome of moves in your magic routines.

Release date 24th December 2014

Muck Off will be released on 24th December; we will be announcing full details on the day via email and on our news, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Here’s a teaser showing you just some of the moves we’ll be teaching!