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Optibox gaff

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Want to know what to do with your new Optibox gaff from the Optricks Red Edition? In this tutorial, we will cover everything you need to know to start using this card and create mind bending magic! Use this gaff to show your spectators that the box is empty, when really, inside hides a full deck of cards, coins, silks, rabbits or whatever you want to produce. First you will learn how to easily set the gaff card up within a couple of minutes. We then move onto the basic principles of how and why it works and show you everything you need in order to make the illusion work every time without fail. The basic presentation requires no real 'moves' to achieve the impossible. However, you can combine this concept with a variety of sleights and routine ideas to really make this one of the easiest, fairest and most effective faux empty box effects possible.

Want to use this gaff with another deck? No problem. The gaff will work with any tuck case that is white on the inside making this a truly versatile and powerful tool you can add to your existing routines and help you take your magic into another dimension.

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- How to hook up the gaff   - Basic Presentation   - Productions   - Vanishes   - 40 minutes

The Optibox gaff allows you to create the impossible in the easiest and fairest of ways. With minimal handling anyone can pick this up and super charge their routines
— Luiz Castro, Mechanic Magician


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