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The Optricks Deck has been in for a full overhaul. Resprayed Red and Reloaded with an assortment of the most innovative gaff cards available. We have employed an anamorphic technique to achieve some brain twisting magical moments, your spectators eyes won't believe what they are seeing! We have developed along side these cards some really original, easy to do and powerful magic routines that turn just 1 deck of cards into a themed tool kit with an arsenal of concepts, narrative and magic genres. Combine optical illusions and sleight of hand to create never before seen magical moments with this cutting edge deck of cards.

Please watch this video before breaking the seal



Flip-book animation

Anamorphic Gaff

Optibox 'Empty' BoxGaff

Grinder Double sider Gaff

Double Backer

Custom Ace of Spades

Stylised standard court cards

Bee Stock with Magicians Finish

Printed by USPCC

(Grinder Coin sold seperately)

Exclusive Tutorials


anamorphic gaff card magic

A totally new concept in sleight of hand, this eye popping optical illusion gaff card opens up a world of exploration. Use your favourite sleights and colour changes to create full routines that will astound your audiences. Just to get you started we have created a few tricks and tutorials to arm you with easy to do hard hitting magic. There are 3 full routines and a host of tips, hints and various ideas to support this card.


a new angle on empty box trickery

This is our approach to an faux 'empty box' type routine. Our method really streamlines this type of effect with super fair handling and a truly deceptive and sneaky method you are going to love! This gaff card is easy to implement and use, requiring no advanced sleight of hand to blow minds. If you are a magician, then this is a powerful concept in itself and will allow you to enhance or develop new routines and get really creative. We have included a detailed video on how to hook up your gaff and a couple of routine ideas to inspire you.


grinder coin double facer

Our beloved Grinder coin is back but this time we have bought it to life on the card with realistic rendering and shadows to really play tricks with your spectators. This time we have opted for a double facer - one side Grinder Coin, the other side blank. This will simplify routines like Grindout and makes the handling much simpler and easy to do. We have created a couple of concept tutorials for you to get the most out of this card. 

There is also a double backer included with this deck that can be used in conjunction with this card. We will show you how in this video.


OPTRICKS red edition boasts innovative gaffs & features take your magic to another dimension - available from your favourite magic dealer