Ignition reviews


The reviews are in for the new Mechanic Industries Ignition Key-ring set. A versatile magic prop that can create highly visual magic and be kept on you at all times. Here's a couple of snippets and you can click the links for the full reviews:


"High-quality coins, a great visual effect, and it makes for an attractive key chain that matches the other intriguing Mechanic products. It's good."

Wayne Kawamoto , Magic.About.com 2/27/2014

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"It just looks great and is made from durable material that will last forever. If, like me, you decide to use this as your regular key chain then you’ll always have a trick to perform. "

Paul Romhany , Reviews Vanish Magazine 2/18/2014 


"Ignition is a close up visual miracle that explores, in one possible presentation style, what happens when you magically pull the hole and chain out of your key chain, and then magically reattach it right before the spectator’s eyes!  With Ignition that effect and many more become a possibility and only your imagination is limiting you to what you can use the props for."

William Draven, Draven Review 1/2/2014


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