Caption Tutorial


Luis Castro is back at Mechanic Industries with his second release - 'Caption'. Luiz is a highly creative magician that thinks outside the box to create new routines and new approaches to existing plots. The coin from cap plot is usually only done in one way; perform a strike vanish, then drop the coin from palm. 

Luiz has totally re-engineered this plot with 3 super visual routines that make the coin 'actually' look like it comes out of the lid! The way the coin flies out looks totally (un)believable as when it comes out you see the side profile of the coin. Couple that with no hand or finger movement, you get a totally convincing and magical production of the coin from an impossible location. Luiz has figured out how to be able to show both hands empty, yet still produce the coin from the cap in an even more magical way than ever done before.

Within the 3 routines Luiz teaches 2 of his prized sleights that make this all possible; the Edgy Pass and Speed Vanish as well as a host of other cool coin sleights. We highly recommend these routines as you'll learn some very versatile coin sleights as well as have routines that you can fool you're magic buddies with and fry your audiences.