Optricks deck - Animated reveal


The Optricks Deck was released last week and should be arriving with some of you guys any day now! As you have seen from the trailer, there is a brand new feature in the Optricks deck, an animated reveal. In this post we’re going to talk a little about the reveal and how to use it.  

Each Optricks deck has the standard 52 cards, two jokers and two extra cards which are produced as part of the printing process. These extra cards are usually used for advertising, however we’ve decided to design these cards as extra gaff cards to give you more options in your magic routines! We chose the 7 of hearts to reveal as it is a popular force card in mentalism type routines, as well as being a card commonly chosen at free will. The idea is to give you a really cool way to reveal a thought of, forced or selected card within the animation of the deck.

Optricks Deck Animated Gaff Cards
Optricks Deck Animated Card Reveal
Optricks Deck Joker Gaffs

The stack

In terms of getting the animated reveal to look as good as it can, here are a few things you can do. Two of the gaff cards have a red seven of hearts, the other two have a more subtle inverted seven of hearts design. The inverted sevens were designed this way so they enhance the reveal, but can still pass as normal backs and be used in other routines. 

You can sandwich the two red sevens between the inverted ones, and when you riffle through the deck you will get a solid reveal. Or try stacking them alternatively; a red 7, then inverted 7, red 7, inverted 7 - this should produce a flickering effect. With regards to where to position the gaffs within the deck, start off with them on the bottom, and when you're ready to reveal, cut them to the centre. 

Optricks Deck Stack

Get the most out of the reveal.

When I find a deck I like I always buy a few, for a couple of reasons; I go through decks pretty quickly and so break a couple in at a time, also a spare deck is useful for making gaffs or using duplicates. I'm not trying to push you to buy more or boost sales, this is simply what I do! For instance with two Optricks decks you get 8 gaffs which you can use to create a longer flickering reveal effect. You can do this with 12 cards as well, just have a play around and find what kind of effect suits you best. Maybe you could try positioning gaff cards throughout the deck? Also play around with the speed of the riffle, try to keep a steady pace letting one card release at a time for best effect. You can catch a glimpse of the new reveal in the Optricks Deck trailer.

So there are lots of possibilities for different reveals, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with! You can share videos on our Facebook page or send us a link here!