Muck Off Tutorial available now!


Using the joker from any of our decks and a full dollar Grinder coin, with a simple wave of your hand you can make the printed coin disappear from the card and materialise in real life! An impressive and highly visual effect to create a moment your audience will remember! There are only a handful of video tutorials that teach mucking, and we know it’s not often used in magic routines due to the difficult nature of these moves. This video focuses on mucking, but with our own take on it - the full dollar Grinder coin makes these mucks so much easier to perform, and we're going to show you exactly how to do it!

In this tutorial Jimmy K teaches you everything you need to perform this effect. Detailed instruction on each move from the mucking techniques to lapping. Multiple camera angles show you the correct handling and positioning at each step.


Optricks deck and full dollar Grinder coin available separately from all good magic retailers.