Optricks reveal gaff tutorial


We've been getting a lot of questions about how to use the reveal gaffs from the Optricks Deck. So we're sharing 'Transmission', our favourite trick with the gaffs, with you, for free! This tutorial covers a couple of key techniques that will allow you to use the gaffs easily and effectively. This routine showcases the seven of hearts reveal with a powerful kicker, alternative moves and tips.  

One of the key things for using the gaff reveals from the Optricks Deck is the ability to get them in, and more importantly, out of the deck without having to look at the cards. We'll show you a tried and tested method that accomplishes this effectively allowing you to continue interacting with your audience ensuring that they are not looking at your hands when you are doing any dirty work. This should give you the backbone methodology for your own routines with the gaffs.

Transmission offers two really strong magical moments and a kicker your audience won't see coming! We present this routine as if you are 'hypnotising' your spectators (in a tongue in cheek way), but by the end of the trick you will have them questioning if they really where under a hypnotic spell!

The routine uses only a few basic sleights, so you guys should be able to pick it up and run with it right away. The structure also allows you to switch out the basic sleight of hand moves for more advanced techniques to suit your skill level as well as changing the patter and presentation to suit your performance style and audiences.

Transmission is a free tutorial for all of our Optricks Deck customers and Workshop community. If you haven't signed up to the Mechanic Workshop yet,  go and join and you will get the password sent to you.