Alchemy Tutorial


We are proud to announce the release of our new video tutorial - Alchemy. Here you will find a collection of 8 original sleight combinations that enable you to visual and instantly change a card into a coin and back again. This works really well with our gear as the Jokers from any of our decks have a replica of our Grinder coins printed on them, however you can use any card and coin!

In the past we've shown you various ways to 'pluck' the coin off of the card (Grindout, Muck Off, Flipside) but this is a little different. Instead of moving the coin from the card into the real world, with Alchemy, you can transform the entire card into the coin, and back! 

Alchemy is a modular concept, so not only will we teach you 8 really cool transformations, but we will show you 3 sequences as an example of how to link these moves to create your own routine. The real work lies in how to get in and out of each effect completely clean, so we go into set ups, clean ups as well as some really sneaky transitions in great detail.

We also filmed a few additional ideas which you'll find at the end of the tutorial which should get your creative juices flowing. We've been developing these moves over the past few years and we are now ready to share them with you. So grab a Grinder Coin and Joker and start transforming your gear.