New website, new tutorial


There is a new Mechanic product launching very soon so we have re-created the website for the event! We have also listened to your requests regarding the website and seen how you guys have been using it over the past year and have implemented changes to streamline your experience. The website should now be much easier for you to use as well as looking shiny (new product hint) and awesome!

To celebrate the new website we have created a new tutorial called 'Blinds Collection'. This is based on our Grindout concept, but approached from a different angle. Luiz Castro is back with new custom sleight combinations that allow you to magically remove the coin from the card and melt back on in the most striking of ways. Instead of the coin materialising from the face of the card like in Grindout, the coin is removed from the Blindside which allows for some sneaky sleights to be used and stunning magical moments.

Check out the new tutorial here and be sure to join the Workshop to get access to all of our FREE tutorials.


Jimmy KComment