Optricks Red Edition coming soon...


The Optricks Deck is back and will soon be hitting the streets! We haven't just re-sprayed it red, it's been in the Workshop and we have kitted it out with some incredible extras. We have developed three of the most innovative gaff cards imaginable to take your magic into another dimension.

It still has the same memorising flip-book animation and look and feel, but the real work has been on the gaff cards. This isn't just a simple colour version, it's been a massive project as you guys will soon see. To go with the deck, we have produced in depth video tutorials with multiple routines and handling for each card as well as a host of tips and tricks. The gaffs are a brand new concept for sleight of hand in terms of the methods and techniques employed. They will enable you to create never before seen magical moments and will slay your audiences.

Due for release very soon, we can't wait to share these with you guys.

Jimmy KComment