Optricks Red Edition Available Now!


The first Optricks Deck has been out of stock for a little while and we've been busy upgrading and equipping it with brand new features. We have employed optical illusion techniques for use with sleight of hand to really take your card magic to the next level. It comes with three awesome new gaff cards as well as a double backer. It still has the same great flip-book animation, but we've slimmed down the borders and taken the red from the face cards of the first Optricks deck and applied it to the card backs.

Gaff 1 - ANAMORPHIC Queen


The Anamorphic Queen gaff is based on an opticlal illusion technique. This means when you have the card on top of the deck and show your spectators it will look like the card has sunk through the deck. It really is so cool and combine this with the regular Queen as well as your favourite colour changes and it allows you to instantly make the Queen sink into the deck. It's specifically designed to work with Mechanics grip so just holding the deck in the usual way you do will line up with a spectators eye line and bring the illusion to life. Use it as a killer face-up phase in your ambitious card routine or simply ditch the palmed gaff on top of the regular Queen to make the impossible to happen. We have so many sleight combos for this card it's been really exciting experimenting with what works and what doesn't. You will find out more in the tutorials, but any colour change where the left hand remains still will bring this illusion to life.

Gaff 2 - Optibox


The 'faux' empty box gaff is our take on this concept. We've seen various solutions for this, but most require complicated extras or clunky and suspicious handling to produce the deck or other items from a seemingly empty box. Our solution again employs the use of an optical illusion to sell to your spectators that the box is indeed completely empty. You really have to see it to believe it! We even told some of our test subjects what we were doing and it still flew right past them! This really is an elegant, simple solution and requires no sleight of hand for the basic routine. Within a couple of minutes you will have the gaff hooked up and be ready to perform, it really is that easy. We are going to share a bunch of ideas with you to get you going, then you are only limited by your own imagination.

Gaff 3 - Grindoff


The third gaff sees the return of our beloved Grinder Coin Joker. This time we've applied a realistic rendering with shadows so it really looks like the real life Grinder Coin. And to make the handling of routines such as Grindout easier to accomplish, it is now a double facer. This means a simple flip of the card at the finger tips while you produce a coin in the other hand will see it materialising into the real word without the need for crazy hard sleights. On the back side of the gaff we have created a super realistic tear to add real impact and give the feeling that the coin has really been ripped into the real world.

We've created a whole host of tricks, hints and tips for all of these cards. It's been tough to leave things out and we are still coming up with cool new ideas as these gaffs are kind of new ground to cover so there are many exciting new magical moments that can be found for the creative magician. We will be posting additional tutorials in the near future as we here have only just scratched the surface of what is possible with these incredible new gaffs.

Take your magic to another dimension

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